Treasure Island
by Robert Louis Stevenson

Book Cover: Treasure Island

This book set the mold for all pirate stories to follow: x marks the spot, a talking parrot, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum, etc.

Jim Hawkins, a young innkeeper's son, gets caught up in a mystery when an old sailor calling himself Billy Bones takes up residence at the inn. Billy Bones dies, but before his "friends" can ransack his room, Jim and his mother discover an old chest.... which contains foreign money and a treasure map. Young Jim goes to Bristol and is befriended by a doctor, and a man with a ship. A crew is put together, and they are off on the adventure of a lifetime. What ensues is mutiny, treachery, murder .... and a fair amount of rum drinking.

Join Jim Hawkins, Captain Smollet, Dr. Livesey, and Squire Trelawny, on a fantastic adventure into the pirate mythos of the mid-1700s.

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